We love classic automobiles with a rich American history. That's why the Fairchild Motor Company specializes in resurrecting the legendary icons of yesterday. The company was founded by Jack Fairchild and his sons, Jeremy and Justin with a primary goal to deliver top quality products and services.


Whether you're interested in our custom Classic Ford Bronco restorations, hand picked pre-owned selections, or collector car services - we always strive to exceed your expectations and make your experience at Fairchild Motor Company extraordinary.

featured Bronco

1966 U13 Roadster

With a complete restoration from our friend 'Bronco Ed' Stalnaker, this award winning 1966 U13 Roadster is the ideal addition to the purist Bronco lover's collection. 


We know the importance of proper maintenance and quality workmanship.

Our skilled technicians are ready to put their years of experience to work for you and keep your collector car properly maintained and roadworthy.  We understand that you want to protect your investments and keep your vehicle operating at peak performance.

Looking for that hard to find vehicle of your dreams?

Our team is prepared to work tirelessly to locate and acquire that rare vehicle of your dreams. Additionally, if you have a vehicle that you want to sell and receive top dollar, we are ready to handle the sales and marketing process.

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