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We're automobile enthusiasts and collectors who are used to paying attention to every detail - and when it came time to construct a facility for our automotive business , the circumstances were no different. We worked with local architects and designers to ensure when you visit and spend your hard earned dollar with Fairchild Motor Company it is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Located in the heart of Appalachia at the intersection of two major interstates, I-77 and I-64, our facility is easily accessible for those traveling on the east coast. Additionally, we are located minutes away from the Raleigh County Memorial Airport which offers daily flights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The Showroom

Our 12,000 square foot showroom houses our most sought after vehicle offerings. Features include a full bar and entertaining area, where you will find walls covered with plenty of classic photographs and collector automobilia, each with it's own unique story. 


This is the ideal location to display your own vehicle when you make the decision to sell. For additional information on consigning your car with us, please 

send us a message.

The Shop

This is where the action happens. Our shop features over 40,000 square foot of workspace equipped with the latest tooling for all phases of production. From metalwork and fabrication, paint and body, mechanical, and down the line to final assembly, our experienced team of true automotive craftsmen maintain a high standard of quality to consistently produce products and services that exceed customer expectations. 

Learn more about our Classic Ford Bronco restorations and upgrades. 

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